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16th C Awlspike, German or Austrian

The awlspike appeared in various forms during the late Middle Ages and Renaissance period, primarily in Austria and South Germany. It was a fairly simple but effective weapon used on foot by men-at-arms and peasants called up for military service. This example features a stout 25" diamond-section thrusting blade with recurved diamond-section pointed hooks extending laterally from its base; the upturned hook could be used to block or catch an opponentís weapon and the downturned hook could be used to catch a horsemanís reins to unhorse him or wrest control of his mount. Long integrally forged conical ferrule with lap seam, mounted on later wood shaft. Metal with black patina, showing hammer and forging marks and a forging flaw with some separation at the base of the downturned hook. Length of metal 32 3/4"; overall length 91 1/2".

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