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Baule Dagger, 2nd Half 19th C

The Baule are one of the largest ethnic groups of modern Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire
(Ivory Coast). They waged the longest war against French colonization of any tribe in
West Africa. They are a fiercely independent group with villages being pretty much
autonomous, relying mostly on agriculture, but supplementing their needs with fish and
game. They are known as skilled in the use of materials and put much artistry into their
weapons. This dagger has a very broad 11" leaf-shaped blade with shallow medial
ridge; the sharp edges and point make it useful as both a cut and thrust weapon.
Elaborate iron collar with chiseled hatching and spiral band; mounted hardwood handle
with an inverse faceted conical pommel. Overall length 17 1/4".
ABD1 $299

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