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Antique Armor and Helmets

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Polish/Hungarian Zischagge, "Lobster Pot", Helm, 2nd Half 17th C
Spanish Style Morion, Cabasset, German ca. 1600
German Black and White Morion, Early 17th C
South German Burgonet, ca. 1600   SOLD
Black and White Morion of the Munich Town Guard, ca. 1600
Composite Japanese Armor, 17th/19th C
Victorian Era Decorative Iron Shield   SOLD
Scarce Engraved Florentine Burgonet, Third Quarter 16th C
Profusely Etched German Morion, Dated 1581   SOLD
Pair of Etched North Italian Sabatons, ca. 1580
European Zischagge "Lobstertail" Helmet, ca. 1630   SOLD
Pair of German Gauntlets, ca. 1580   SOLD
Etched Gauntlets, 16th C Style, Victorian Era   SOLD
German Black and White Morion, ca. 1600   SOLD
Spanish Style Morion, Cabasset, German ca. 1600   SOLD
French Brass Fireman’s Helmet, 19th C, De Blaye
French Brass Fireman’s Helmet, 19th C
Etched North Italian Breastplate, ca. 1580   SOLD
Pair of North European Elbow Gauntlets, Early 17th C   SOLD
English/Dutch Pikeman’s Armor, ca. 1650   SOLD
Etched Back Plate, North Italian, ca. 1580   SOLD
South German Black & White Officer’s 3/4 Armor, ca. 1560-70
Composite German Half Armor, Mid-late 16th C   SOLD
Etched and Gilt Italian Shield, ca. 1580   SALE PRICED!
English Jousting Helm in 15th C Style, 19th C    SOLD
Indian Mail and Plate Shirt, Deccani, 17th C
Italian Half Suit of Armour, Pisa ca. 1580   SOLD
Italian Close Helm, Late 16th C   SOLD