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"Armi Bianche Italiane", 1975
Rapiers, An  Illustrated Reference Guide to the Rapiers of the 16th and 17th Centuries, with their Companions, by Eric Valentine, First Edition, 1968, The Arms and Armour Press, London.  Small but very important and hard to find work entirely devoted to European 16th/17th Century rapiers.  Hardcover 5 3/4" x 8 3/4", 74 pages, profusely illustrated with black and white photos of rapiers, daggers and components, each giving dimensions, description and provenance.   Includes brief history and notes on authenticating, collecting and caring for rapiers.  The most important book of its kind ever published about rapiers.  Long out of print, with some copies bringing up to $800, this book is an absolute must for any collector of European rapiers.  Very good ex-libris copy with dust jacket and plastic cover.

B114 $150  SOLD

"....Prisoners of War in the Hands of Rebel Authorities"  Printed for the U.S. Sanitary Commission by King & Baird of Philadelphia in 1864, the full title of this book is: "Narrative of Privations and Sufferings of United States Officers and Soldiers while Prisoners of War in the Hands of Rebel Authorities". Unbound, 5 5/8" by 8 3/4", 283 pages. Highly slanted propaganda report by the US Sanitary Commission comparing treatment of US versus CS POW's during the Civil War. Includes eyewitness testimonies which paint a picture of the conditions in Union POW camps as being better than the Confederate soldiers received in the field before being captured, while at the same time their Union counterparts were enduring the worst conditions imaginable in Confederate POW camps. Includes medical and statistical information, again highly slanted. A perfect example of Uncle Sam presenting a collection of half truths and fabrications to lead the public to an erroneous conclusion. Some things never change. Text complete, but covers and binding lacking.
B113 $69.95

Haandskydevaabens Bedommelse II, by Johan F. Stockel, 1943. Published in Denmark. Hardcover 7 ½" by 10", 669 pages (407-1076). Danish text. Glossary in German, French, and English. Monumental work listing hundreds of firearms maker, town, and guild marks with dates and locations. Takes a little getting used to the Danish text, but most information is self-explanatory. A must for any serious antique firearms collector, as there is nothing printed in English which even comes close. Very good condition.
B112 $79.95  
  Swords from Public Collections in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, edited by Bruce S. Bazelon, Andrew Mobray, Inc. Publishers. Softcover, 7" by 9 3/4", 127 pages, 134 b/w illustrations. Part I features descriptions and photos of presentation swords from the Revolution to the Civil War. Part II is on sword makers of the Philadelphia area. VG, except for small tear on last 2 pages (not affecting text) and torn corner of back cover.
B111 $23.95

American Presentation Swords, by Jay P. Altmayer, 1958, The Rankin Press, Mobile. Number 983 of an edition of 1000. Softcover, 8 1/4" by 10 ½", 47 pages, with 16 quality b/w photographs. Separated into 3 sections; Revolution through Mexican War, Civil War Presentations, and Post Civil War Swords. Describes and illustrates specific historic presentation swords. VG+, owner’s label on inside cover.
B110 $59.95

Metropolitan Museum of Art Exhibition of Arms and Armour, by Bashford Dean, 1911. Printing limited to just 2500 copies. Hardcover 5 ½" by 8 ½", 85 pages, including 47 quality b/w photographic plates. Features descriptions and photographs of primarily European plate armour of the 15th/16th Centuries, plus swords, daggers, and polearms of the 15th-17th Centuries. A rarely encountered work in very good condition, owner’s label on inside cover.  Hardly ever found in hardcover.
B109 $75 

Arms and Armament, by Charles Ffoulkes, 1947 reprint of 1945 edition, Geo. G. Harrap & Co., London. Hardcover, 7 3/8" by 9 3/4", 158 pages, including bibliography, index, and 175 b/w illustrations. Featuring predominantly British weapons of all ages, including swords, bayonets, bows, polearms, firearms, and artillery. Very good condition with owner’s label on inside cover.
B108 $25 

Catalogue of The Exhibition of Ancient Helmets and Examples of Mail, by Baron de Cosson & Wm. Burgess, 1985 Ken Trotman Ltd. Softcover 5 ½" by 8 ½", 140 pages plus 15 plates featuring illustrations of helmets and mail. Features descriptions and drawings of many examples of European helmets of the 14th through 17th Centuries. Also featured are ancient and Eastern helmets and mail. Five plates showing different styles of mail links and scale armour.
B107 $29.95  

American Silver Mounted Swords 1700-1815, by Harold Peterson, 1955. Private printing. One of only 600 copies printed. Softcover, 6" by 9", 59 pages, 81 b/w illustrations, plus 2 pages of maker’s marks and an index of silversmiths making sword hilts. Very good, cover slightly soiled, owner’s label inside cover.
B106 $39.95
The Halberd and Other European Polearms, 1300-1650, by George Snook, MD..  Published by Museum Restoration Service in 1998.   Softcover, 6 7/8" x 10", featuring 32 pages and 64 black and white illustrations.  Describes the development and evolution of the European halberd and related polearms and illustrates many examples.  A short book, but an invaluable resource on this little published topic. 
B105 $14.95   SOLD
Armourer’s Marks, by Dudley S. Hawtrey Gyngell, first edition 1959. This is considered THE reference on European maker’s marks, featuring armourers, swordsmiths, and gunsmiths from the 14th-18th Centuries. Maker’s marks are illustrated by country and type. Includes an index by country, town and proof marks, miscellaneous marks, and craftsman’s name. Hard cover, 11 ½" x 9", dust jacket and plastic sleeve, 131 pages. Very good condition, with collection label. Hard to find out-of- print book which can pay for itself 10 times over with one arms purchase (It has for me!) If I did not have two copies, this one would not be for sale.
B104 $95     SOLD

  Illustrated Guide to the Armouries, Tower of London, by Viscount Dillon, 1910. This rarely found work by a former Keeper of the Tower Armouries shows the layout and collection as it was in 1910. Organized by individual room and display case, the collection is numbered and described . 31 black and white photographic plates illustrate a variety of edged weapons, polearms, firearms, and armour from Europe and the Middle East. Soft cover, 8 1/4" x 5 ½". 206 pages, plus the plates. Binding is weak and tattered, with some pages loose. Rust stains at bound edge, not affecting text or plates. This rarely encountered work generally sells for $200 or more, when available.
B101 $125  SOLD

  Swords and Daggers, by Frederick Wilkinson, 1967. First American edition, 1968. Well illustrated beginning work features swords and daggers from around the world. Part I includes techniques of the swordsmith and advice on books and collecting. Part II is the photographic plates; section 1 European Weapons, section 2 Oriental Weapons. Hard cover, 8" x 6", 256 pages, including index. Very good sound example.
B102 $29.95   SOLD

Wallace Collection Catalogues, European Arms and Armour, II Vols., by Sir James Mann, 1962. A must for any serious European arms collector! Vol. I , ARMOUR, consists of 239 pages cataloging and describing every piece in the collection. Many pieces are illustrated in the fine quality 104 B & W photographic plates. Vol II, ARMS, consists of 714 pages, cataloging the entire collection. 208 high quality B & W plates. Vol II includes an index and hundreds of illustrated maker’s marks. Soft cover, 9 3/4" x 6 1/8", very good to excellent condition.
B103 $75    SOLD