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Breastplate and Tassets, German or Italian, ca. 1510 and Later



Breastplate, ca. 1510-20, of bulbous form with shallow central ridge; the top edge strongly flanged and turned. Gussets removed and the left edge trimmed, with a later plate riveted on. Late 16th C 5-plate fauld and 6-lame tassets from two different armors, with scalloped central feature on top edges of each lame; raised turned edge and flanged in the center for a codpiece. Breastplate with moderate pitting and showing lamination; fauld and tassets with lighter pitting. All parts show hammer marks on the back with a very dark age patina. A large number of infantry armors with similar breastplates were purchased by Henry VIII between 1512 and 1539. These infantry armors saw much use over a long period of time and were frequently modified as parts wore out or were lost or damaged.