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British P1796 Heavy Cavalry Sword

The standard sword of British heavy cavalry units during the Napoleonic War, most of these saw heavy use and are much more scarce than their light cavalry counterpart. This example shows field use with several of the modifications common to this sword. The langets have been removed and the hatchet point has been re-ground to a spear point. The pierced disc guard, however, has not been cut down, which was another of the common field modifications. Straight 34 1/4" single-edged blade with long broad single fuller; stamped "OSBORN/& GUNBY" (worn) on the spine with the number "81". Blade with several minor edge nicks and the point worn.  Large unmodified flat disk guard pierced with four oval holes on each side, featuring integral flat knucklebow stamped with partially illegible troop markings. Inner diamond-shaped plate riveted to the inside of the guard plate; langets removed. Original leather bound wood grip (minor losses to leather) with backstrap and integral pommel and riveted ears. Original iron scabbard with twin bands and carrying rings; numerous dents with several rather large and deep dents in the lower half, likely incurred during heavy action while the sword was out of the scabbard. Metal pitted overall with a later cleaning. Overall length 39 ".

SS1262 $1695

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