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Eastern Weapons
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West Javanese Keris (Kris) Solo Dagger with 18th C Blade
Javanese Keris (Kris) Solo Dagger
East Javanese Keris (Kris) Solo Dagger with 17th C Blade
East Javanese Keris (Kris) Sumenep Dagger
A Javanese Keris (Kris) Yogya Dagger with Early 17th C Blade
Javanese Keris (Kris) Dagger with 15th C Blade
Javanese Keris (Kris) Dagger with Early 17th C Blade
Exceptional Gold Damascened Indian Katar, Late 19th C
Indian Mail and Plate Shirt, Deccani, 17th C   SALE PRICED!
Composite Japanese Armor, 17th/19th C
Shamshir Sabre, Ottoman Empire, ca. 1800   SOLD
Japanese Tachi, Mid-Late Edo Period   SOLD
Japanese WWII Army Officer’s Kyu Gunto Parade Sword
Indian Firangi Sword, 17th/18th C   SOLD
Indian Tegha Executioner Sword with Museum Provenance, 18th C   SOLD
Caucasian (Russian) Kindjal, Late 19th/Early 20th C
Japanese WWII Gendaito Katana with Signed Blade   SOLD
Afghan Flintlock Jezail Carbine, Mid-19th C   SOLD
Signed Japanese WWII Gendaito Katana   SOLD
Albanian Brass-stocked Rattail Miquelet Pistol, Early 19th C   SOLD
Indo-Persian Scissors Katar (Jamadhar Sehlikaneth)   SOLD
Japanese Tanto in Carved Bone Mounts      SOLD
Indo-Persian Brass Sword Hilt, 19th C
Miniature Indian Kukri Knife, 20th C   SOLD
Engraved Indian Tulwar, 19th C   SOLD
Silver Damascened Indian Jumgheerdha Sword, 17th/18th C   SOLD
Japanese Police Officer’s Jitte (Truncheon), Late Edo   SOLD
Japanese Wakisashi with Very Early Blade, 14th C and Later   SOLD
Indian Armor-piercing Katar Dagger, 19th C   SOLD