Antique Swords, Rapiers, Broadswords, Pole Arms, Guns, and Armour
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Post 1700 European Swords and Daggers

English P1803 Infantry Officer’s Sabre

German Pre-WWI S98 Bayonet

Swiss M1914 Sawback Pioneer Bayonet   SOLD

French Mle. 1866 Yataghan Bayonet, German Captured

Spanish Bullfighting Sword, Probably Early 20th C

Scottish Basket-hilted Broadsword, 18th/19th C  

Scottish Basket-hilted Backsword, Mid-18th C   SOLD

English Combination Hunting Sword/Pistol, Late 18th C

German Executioner’s Sword, Early 18th C

Named German Executioner Sword, Dated 1756

Magnificent Jeweled Medici Dagger, ca. 1840

French Senior Officer’s Sword, ca. 1815-1830   SOLD

Scottish Basket-hilted Broadsword in the Style of John Simpson, Early 18th C   SOLD

French Silver Hilted Smallsword, Mid-18th C   SOLD

Italian Vendetta Dagger, Probably 19th C, but possibly earlier

English Basket Hilted Backsword of the Highland Regiments, 3rd Quarter 18th C   SALE PRICED!

Italian Sword Cane, Late 19th/Early 20th C   SOLD

Italian Model 55 Cavalry Officer’s Sabre, ca. 1850   SOLD

Italian Sword Cane, Late 19th C

Ebony Dolphin Head Sword Cane, Asian, Early 20th C

Brass Lion Head Sword Cane, India, 19th C

European Dog Head Sword Cane, ca. 1900

French Sword Cane, 18th/19th C    SOLD

European Deer Foot Sword Cane, Late 19th C

European Sword Cane, Late 19th C

Three Italian/Spanish Daggers, 18th/19th C   SOLD

Silver Decorated Dagger, Mid-19th C, Probably French   SOLD

European Dog Head Sword Cane, Late 19th C   SOLD

English Sword Cane, Late 19th C   SOLD

Italian Sword Cane, Walking Stick, 2nd Half 19th C

German Hunting Knife, 19th C

German M1817/56 Artillery Sabre Rig   SOLD

Spanish "Bilbo" Broadsword, 2nd Half 18th C   SOLD

German Hunting Sword, 18th C   SOLD

Silver Hilted Smallsword, Mid-18th C   SOLD

Eastern European Hussar Sabre, Last Quarter 18th C   SOLD

English Napoleonic Era Dog Head Cutlass   SOLD

European Hunting Bayonet and Scabbard, Early 18th C   SOLD

British P1796 Heavy Cavalry Sword   SOLD

Scottish Basket Hilted Broadsword, First Quarter 18th C   SOLD
European Smallsword, French or Italian, Mid-18th C   SOLD
Spanish Cuphilt Rapier, ca. 1700-1750   SOLD
European Dagger, First Half 19th C   SOLD
Bronze Figural Dagger, 18th/19th C, probably Italian   SOLD
English Court Sword, Smallsword, early 19th C   SOLD
French Officer’s Sword, ca. 1830   SOLD
French Chiseled and Gilt Smallsword, First Quarter18th C   SOLD
Set of French Fencing Foils, ca. 1900    SOLD
Ritualistic Italian Bronze Skeleton Dagger, First Half 19th C   SOLD
British P1897 Infantry Officer’s Sword, WWI   SOLD
French Hunting Sword, 18th C   SOLD
Scottish Basket-hilted Broadsword by John Allan, Ca. 1715   SOLD
German M1817/56 Infantry Hanger  SOLD
British Basket Hilted Backsword, 3rd Quarter 18th C   SOLD
Dutch or German Walloon Sword/Scabbard, 18th C   SOLD
Unique Officer’s Broadsword, British or French, 18th C   SOLD