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English Sergeantís Halberd, 18th C

Carried by sergeants during the French and Indian War, American Revolution, and
Napoleonic Wars, this style halberd was largely used as a guide for troops to identify an
NCO and to form up for the march or battle deployment. They were also carried by
those who protected the regiment's colors and there are stories of these halberds being
used in savage hand-to-hand fighting to avoid a regiment's biggest disgrace; the loss of
its colors. Forged of iron in the typical English fashion, with the conical-section ferrule
being pierced with a slot, through which the one-piece axe blade is passed and held in
place by friction or a small forge weld. Broad leaf-shaped 9 1/8" thrusting blade
threaded to the ferrule, as often found. Axe blade with slightly angled cutting edge and
large down-turned rear beak. Shortened side straps, attached with epoxy to a section of
a later spiral twist wood shaft. Length of metal 17 Ĺ", overall 48". Dark brown patina to
all metal surfaces.
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