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English/Dutch Pikemanís Armor, ca. 1650

Composed of pot helm, breastplate, and tassets (no back plate), this armor is typical
of those used by the English and Dutch in the mid-17th C. Pot helm of Dutch style,
forged in two pieces, with rolled brim and crown; showing riveted repair near the crown.
Tassets with 6 simulated lames and a pair of attachment hooks and buckles, each with
several riveted repairs, patches, and moderate pitting. Breastplate with rolled neck
and gussets; hooks and buckles at top and sides for attachment of back plate. No
discernable markings, but pot is likely Dutch and breastplate and tassets probably
English. Numerous repairs and moderate pitting overall, but a pretty good match at
about a third the price of a typical example. Composite armor of the type illustrated in
the famous 1608 manual of arms by Jacob de Gheyn. Great display piece at a bargain-
basement price.
TC18 $3995

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