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Ethnographic Weapons
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Ethnographic weapons are unlike those found in Western cultures.  Whether due to lack of technical expertise in modern weaponry or limited resources, the indigenous populations of these often primitive cultures developed unique weapon types which maximized their effectiveness and utilized local materials.  Unlike the Europeans, who often shared their technology and artistry with trading partners, these cultures usually had very little contact with the outside world and, as such, their weapons were often unique to their specific geographic location.  One could easily amass a large number of pieces and all be of different form.  Currently, most ethnographic weapons are more affordable than American or European weapons because they are not as widely collected.

African Tetela Dagger, Late 19th C

Kusu Bangu Bangu Knife, 19th C

Central African Club Knife, Mid 19th C

African Masai Spear, Late 19th C   SOLD

Ashanti Cult Sword, 19th/20th C   SOLD

Ashanti Cult Sword/Knife, Early 20th C   SOLD

African Masai Spear, ca. 1900   SOLD

Fine Fiji Ula Throwing Club with Tally Marks, 19th C   SOLD

African Masai Ceremonial Shield, Late 19th/early 20th C   SOLD

African Konda Dagger, 19th C   SOLD

Tetela Knife, 2nd Half 19th C   SOLD

Ashanti Cult Sword, Late 19th C   SOLD

Central African Yakoma Club Knife, 19th C

Ngala (?) Knife with Copper Bound Grip, 2nd Half 19th C   SOLD

Mongo Club Knife, 2nd Half 19th C   SOLD

Kusu Club Knife, 2nd Half 19th C

Kusu Tribal Knife, ca. 1900   SOLD

Ashanti Cult Sword, Late 19th C    SOLD

Baule Dagger, 2nd Half 19th C   SOLD

Kuba Ikula Knife with Carved Wood Handle, Mid 19th C   SOLD