Antique Swords, Rapiers, Broadswords, Pole Arms, Guns, and Armour
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European Swords and Daggers, Pre-1700
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Chiseled Italian Rapier, Early 17th C   SOLD
Transitional Rapier/Smallsword, Probably Dutch, ca. 1660   SOLD
Rare German Rondel Dagger, ca. 1400   SOLD
German 2-Handed Sword with Flamboyant Blade, Munich, ca. 1600   SOLD
German Executioner’s Sword, Late 17th C   SOLD
Swept Hilt Rapier, German or Italian, Early 17th C   SOLD
German Executioner’s Sword, 2nd Half 17th C   SOLD
Italian Crabclaw Rapier,  ca. 1620   SOLD
North Italian Left Hand Dagger, Late 16th C   SOLD
Fine North European Rapier, ca. 1600   SOLD
German Two-handed Sword with Flamboyant Blade, Late 16th C   SOLD
Venetian Stiletto, ca. 1650   SOLD
Fine North European Transitional Rapier, ca. 1660   SOLD
English Cutlass, ca. 1650   SOLD
Exceptional English Mortuary Sword, ca. 1640   SOLD
Italian 7-ring Rapier, ca. 1620   SOLD
Italian Stiletto, ca. 1650   SOLD
Chiseled Dagger in the Manner of Gottfried Leygebe, German, ca. 1650   SOLD
Italian Transitional Rapier, ca. 1660   SOLD
Silver Inlaid English Pillow Sword, ca. 1650   SOLD
North Italian Two-handed Fighting Sword, First Half 16th C   SOLD
North Italian Two-handed Fighting Sword, ca. 1520   SOLD
English Cavalry Officer’s Broadsword, ca. 1650   SOLD
Saxon Estoc, Dueling Rapier, 2nd Half 16th C   SOLD
Italian Crabclaw Lefthand Dagger, ca. 1620     SOLD
Italian Swept Hilt Rapier, ca. 1620   SOLD
Swept Hilt Rapier ca. 1600, Probably Italian   SOLD
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