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Iron Signal Mortar, 17th C  
Brass Flintlock Over and Under Tap Action Pistol by Henry Nock, ca. 1800   SOLD
Flintlock Over and Under Tap Action Pistol, ca. 1810   SOLD
Magnificent Pair of French Flintlock Pistols, ca. 1810   SOLD
Exceptional Silesian Wheellock Tschinke Rifle, 2nd Half 17th C   SOLD
Fabulous Pair of Historic French Silver Mounted Flintlock Pistols, ca. 1715   SOLD

Remington New Model Percussion Revolver   SOLD

French M1822 Percussion Conversion Pistol   SOLD

Fabulous Saxon Wheellock Pistol "Puffer", ca. 1575   SOLD
Rare Early Portuguese Bronze Breech-Loading Cannon, ca. 1520   SOLD
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Notice:  It is the obligation of foreign buyers to check all laws concerning the importation of antique firearms.  We cannot be held responsible for difficulties encountered in non-US countries with importation and customs.  All licenses and permits are the responsibility of the buyer.  All firearms on this site were manufactured before 1898 and, therefore, are exempt from the US Firearms Control Act of 1968 (with ammendments).  We make no warranty whatsoever as to the fitness of any item for live firing or any use other than display. Any other use is not recommended and is at the buyer’s own risk.