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Fine Italian Flintlock Pistol, Early 18th C

French Napoleonic AN XIII (Model 1805) Flintlock Pistol

Original US World War Two M1 57mm Anti-Tank Gun and Carriage

Fine German Wheellock Hunting Rifle, Last Quarter 17th C

German Flintlock Pistol, Early 19th C 

Fine North Italian Flintlock Pistol, Last Quarter 18th C

Wheellock Pistol Holster, German, ca. 1630   ON HOLD

English Flintlock Trade Pistol by Sharpe, First Quarter 19th C

US M1816 Harpers Ferry Flintlock Musket   SOLD

English Combination Hunting Sword/Pistol, Late 18th C   SOLD

Military Wheellock Pistol, German or Austrian, ca. 1630   SOLD

US M1861 Percussion Rifle-Musket by S.N. & W.T.C.   ON HOLD

Dutch Flintlock Pistol, ca. 1660   SALE PRICED!

Scarce 1857 Remington/Frankford Arsenal Maynard Conversion Navy Rifle

English Brass-barreled North American Trade Pistol, ca. 1790   SALE PRICED!

US Whitney 1798 Contract Flintlock Musket   SOLD

Rare Chief’s Grade Presentation Fowler Attributed to Sauk Chief Blackhawk

Flintlock Indian Trade Pistol by A. W. Spies   SOLD

Cased French Lady’s Miniature Pinfire Revolver, ca. 1880

Fine Cased Pair of French or Belgian Percussion Muff Pistols, ca. 1850    SALE PRICED!

French M1822 Percussion Cavalry Pistol   ON HOLD

Iron Signal Mortar, 17th C

US Springfield M1861 Rifled Musket   SOLD

Scarce Early Day’s Patent Percussion Cane Gun, 2nd Quarter 19th C   SOLD

Dutch Flintlock Musket, First Half 18th C   SOLD

Afghan Flintlock Jezail Carbine, Mid-19th C   SOLD

British Officer’s Flintlock Fusil by Jover, Black Watch, Third Quarter 18th C   SOLD  

Italian Flintlock Pistol Made for the Eastern Market, Late 18th C   SOLD

German Wheellock Paddlebutt Carbine, ca. 1630   SOLD

German Officer’s Wheellock Paddlebutt Carbine, ca. 1640   SOLD
Confederate Navy Inspected 2nd Model LeMat Revolver   SOLD
Bullet Struck Enfield P1853 Musket From Antietam   SOLD
Albanian Brass-stocked Rattail Miquelet Pistol, Early 19th C   SOLD
German Wheellock Hunting Carbine, ca. 1680   SOLD
Coston Signal Company Line Throwing Cannon   SOLD
12 Pounder Naval Cannon, ca. 1800   SOLD
Confederate Kerr's Patent Revolver   SOLD
Italian Flintlock Horse Pistol, Early 18th C   SOLD
Historic Gettysburg Colt M1849 Revolver Display   SOLD
Burnside 5th Model Carbine   SOLD
English Flintlock Officer’s Pistol, ca. 1810   SOLD
Rare Italian Flintlock Sporting Gun, ca. 1680   SOLD

Notice:  It is the obligation of foreign buyers to check all laws concerning the importation of antique firearms.  We cannot be held responsible for difficulties encountered in non-US countries with importation and customs.  All licenses and permits are the responsibility of the buyer.  Unless noted, all firearms on this site were manufactured before 1898 and, therefore, are exempt from the US Firearms Control Act of 1968 (with amendments).  We make no warranty whatsoever as to the fitness of any item for live firing or any use other than display. Any other use is not recommended and is at the buyer’s own risk.