Antique Swords, Rapiers, Broadswords, Pole Arms, Guns, and Armour
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Antique Flags, Uniforms, and Equipment for Sale

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German WWI Leather Flying Helmet
WWII Flag from the Battleship USS NEW JERSEY
Captured Blockade Runner Flag and Memorabilia of Civil War Naval Officer
Civil War US M1855/57 Knapsack
British Victorian Royal Artillery Sabertache   SOLD
Scarce Revolutionary War Era Standing Wood Canteen   SOLD
Prussian M1891 Garde NCO Pickelhaube   SOLD
British Victorian Royal Artillery Sabertache   SOLD
French Napoleonic Hussarís Sabretache, 19th C (Second Empire)   SOLD
Landsknecht Drum, 16th C Style, Ernst Schmidt, Munich, Late 19th C   SOLD
Scarce Engineer Officerís US Model 1858 Hardee Hat   SOLD

US Army Fatigue Jacket, Breeches, Hat, and Belt, WWI   STOLEN by Joe Sullivan, Old Flags of Cape Cod, 508-265-5506