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Fine Chiseled Steel Smallsword, Late 17th C

Steel hilt with symmetrical shell guard, pas d’ane, reverse quillon, and knucklebow joining the ovoid pommel; pierced and chiseled ensuite with acanthus, floral, and geometric designs; the high spots bright and the recesses blackened to enhance the design. Grip with twisted steel wire wrap of two sizes, finished with turks heads top and bottom. Slender hexagonal-section 32" blade with central fuller engraved with "PEDRO DEL MONTE" one side and "EN TOLDEO" on the other. Lightly engraved floral design outside the fuller. Hilt is excellent and blade shows slight wear and very light pitting. Overall length 38 ½". An early smallsword of very good quality in excellent condition for its age.

SS1187 $1995   SOLD