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Fine Chiseled Steel Transitional Rapier, Spanish or Italian, 2nd Half 17th C

Steel hilt featuring asymmetrical shell guard chiseled with horsemen in battle with a floral border; horizontally recurved quillons chiseled in three-dimensional human form. Quillon block chiseled with a horseman on each side; pas d’ane extending from the quillon block to the shell guard. Pommel chiseled in the shape of a lion face on each side; wood grip wrapped with twisted iron wire with vertical bar in the center and turks heads top and bottom. Double-edged 33 1/4" hexagonal-section blade with 9" central fuller on each side bordered by engraved foliage; engraved in the fuller with "NO * ME * SAQVES * SIN * RASON" (Do not draw me without reason) on one side and "NO * ME * ENBAINES * SIN * HONOR" (Do not sheath me without honor). Very attractive sword of excellent quality in very good plus condition, with only very minor pitting and wear to the decoration. Overall length 40".

SR1453 $2995

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