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French Smallsword, Mid-18th C

Brass boat hilt with shell-shaped guard, vertically recurved quillons with shell finials, pas d’ane, and integral knuckle bow joined to the pommel with button. The whole decorated ensuite with writhen shell motif in relief. There is a partial break and repair to the knuckle bow near where it joins the quillon. Slender hexagonal 30 1/4" double-edged blade etched with geometric design over the upper third and a cartouche bearing the inscription in French "ne me tire pas sans raison" on one side and "ne me remette point sans honneur" on the other. This phrase commonly found on sword blades means "do not pull me without reason" and "do not leave me without honor". Blade pitted, but decoration and inscription remain clear. Hilt with pleasing patina. Overall length 36 1/4". This exact sword from the Professor Petkovic Collection and published in his book, "Rapiers and Salon Swords", Zagreb, 2006, page 107.

SS1323 $499

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