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Gilt French Smallsword, ca. 1810

Cast brass hilt with large oval guard, small pas d’ane, reverse quillon with expanded finial, solid grip, and knuckle bow connecting to the urn-shaped pommel; the whole gilded and decorated ensuite with raised dots and flower petals. Nearly all the original gilding remains on the hilt. A smooth steel plate is riveted to the outside of the guard to protect the more fragile brass inner guard. Slender 32" hollow-ground triangular-section blade with gold-filled floral engraving on the upper quarter and gilt ricasso (sharp point, light pitting and some gold loss). Overall length 39". This exact sword from the Professor Petkovic Collection and published in his book, "Rapiers and Salon Swords", Zagreb, 2006, page 113.

SS1326 $499

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