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Historic Identified WWII Painted Leather A-2 Bomber Jacket

A very nice identified World War II leather A2 Painted Flight Jacket size 34 with name "L. POPE" written in inside collar. Sewn label with maker name "J.A .DUBOW MFG. CO./ CHICAGO, ILLINOIS". Showing wear commensurate with age and use. Has faded Army Air Forces paint on left shoulder. Has some cracking on upper left breast. Rest of the body looks pretty good other than one tear as pictured on the back upper neck. Beautiful paint reads "Fancy Nancy" with a hula girl which is present but faded. Has 35 bombs painted on bottom. The leather is mostly pliable, a little bit dry but not flaking. Cuffs and waistband show wear and some mothing. Zipper is Talon made and liner is in really nice shape with no rips or tears other than that one area on the back of neck. Overall a really nice original authentic World War II US Army Air Corps Army Air Force leather painted bomber flight jacket.

Staff Sergeant Leroy G. Pope, Oct 20, 1921 - Aug 13, 1999, flew 32 missions with the 8th Air Force, 401st Bombardment Group, 612th Squadron from 09/25/1944 to 02/21/1945 as a ball turret gunner, most aboard the B-17 "Fancy Nancy IV". He was in the crew commanded by Lt. Walter E. Cox. Fancy Nancy IV was the 4th aircraft in the squadron to carry this name. The first Fancy Nancy was lost on the 401stís first mission due to a midair collision. Fancy Nancy II was lost when it ran out of fuel on its 2nd mission and the crew bailed out near Kimbolton, Cambridgshire. Fancy Nancy III lasted only slightly longer when it was shot down by FW-190 fighters on its 4th mission. One might think of changing the name with such an inauspicious start, but Fancy Nancy IV flew 134 missions with the 401st, more than any other aircraft in the group and over 50% of the total missions flown by the 401st. Of the nearly 13,000 B-17's built during the war, only 9 flew more missions. The 401st holds the distinction of having the highest bombing accuracy rate of any B-17 group during the war. Itís motto is "The best damned outfit in the USAAF" and it maintains an active association at

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