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Silver Damascened Indian Jumgheerdha Sword, 17th/18th C

Indian swords come in many shapes and sizes, varying by period and region. Most people generally call any Indian sword a tulwar, firangi, or khanda, but these terms are often incorrect and misleading. This example is known as a Jumgheerdha, differing from a tulwar by its straight blade and a Firangi by its hilt. The hilt is known as an Aurangzeb hilt, named for the emperor Aurangzeb, 1658-1707, and would date from this period. Hilt is silver damascened with geometric patterns and has a double knucklebow with silvered lotus bud finials. Long langets with decorative pierced finials. Silver plated dish-shaped pommel is pierced in a geometric pattern and has an additional pierced plate on the top Straight 31" blade is triple fullered and single edged, becoming double edged 9 " from the point. Light to moderate pitting overall, retaining approximately 70% of its original silver damascene. Rare and unusual example seldom encountered.

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