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Massive Croatian Battle Axe, 16th/17th C

Forged laminated steel head with center-mounted curved 20" cutting blade; stamped on one side with twin makerís marks and design of punched dots and eyelash marks. Tapering 7" round-section ferrule with 3" flat hammer surface on the rear. Mounted on later heavy round-section oak shaft. The eyelash mark was commonly found on Eastern European and Tyrolean weapons of the 16th/17th Centuries. A very similar example is pictured and described in "Europaische Hieb-und Stichwaffen", page 241, from the von Berthold Collection in Dresden. The type also discussed in "Alte Schlagwaffen und Stangenwaffen aus Kroatien". A very wicked-looking axe carried by fierce Croatian warriors. A similar axe head was offered by Hermann Historica of Munich in May, 2001, Lot 058, with an opening bid of 3000 DM, or 1534 Euro, plus premium.

A1166 $1495

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