Antique Swords, Rapiers, Broadswords, Pole Arms, Guns, and Armour
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Two Handed Sword, Mid-16th C, Probably German Landsknecht
An early fighting form two-hander of simple form, far more scarce than the frequently encountered processional swords of the late 16th and early 17th C. Iron hilt of round section bars featuring straight quillons with expanded finials. Two large side rings (old brazed repairs). Large pear-shaped pommel with decorative copper washer and iron spacer. Old leather-covered wood grip, once having brass tack decoration, now removed. Broad (2 1/4") unmarked double-edged 42 3/8" blade with wide fuller over nearly its entire length. Metal mostly smooth, with some areas of light pitting. Overall length 56 3/4". For similar examples, see “The Price Guide to Antique Edged Weapons”, by Leslie Southwick, 1983, Fig. 51, also in the Solothurn Zeughaus, illustrated in “Zwischen Politik und Krieg”, by Marco Leutenegger, 2005, Fig. 120-122. Former G. E. P. How Collection.
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