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Nurnberg Pikeman’s Half Armor, Solothurn Zeughaus, ca. 1580
Good quality munitions grade half armor made in Nurnberg for the Swiss Solothurn Zeughaus (armory). One-piece burgonet with integral comb (slightly dented) and visor with rolled edge. Visor struck with Nurnberg guild mark and a maker’s mark. One-piece riveted neck guard and original earflaps and hinges. Plume holder removed. Helmet retains original rivets and small amounts of original leather. Peascod form breastplate, with white painted inventory number on the inside “SO 69". Backplate with matching inventory number. “SO” is the inventory mark of the Swiss Solothurn Zeughaus. Collar with 5-lame upper arm defense. Tassets of 5 lames each, marked with matching assembly marks, proving they are a matched pair. Leather straps and their rivets are later replacements. Original buckles. Matching patina, not polished bright as are most of the armors still found in the Zeughaus. All parts except burgonet feature a simple line decoration and they are likely homogeneous. The pre-1600 burgonet is of the same style and period and likely also from Solothurn, though without the same line decoration it may have come from another suit. Unusual to find a complete matching armor with arsenal inventory marks.  The director of the Solothurn Zeughaus Museum has confirmed that this suit was once in the Zeughaus and was sold in the 19th C.  He has asked permission to use this exact suit in an upcoming book about the armor in the Zeughaus.  A PERFECT match to the Swiss pikes listed elsewhere on my site.
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