Antique Swords, Rapiers, Broadswords, Pole Arms, Guns, and Armour
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Infantry Flail, Swiss or German, 17th C  
Gothic Lugged Spear, Probably German, ca. 1500
European Partizan, Spontoon, Early 18th C
Naval Boarding Pike, English or American, 19th C   SOLD
European Spontoon, ca. 1700, Probably German   SOLD
Scarce Bavarian Sabre Halberd, Early 17th C
German Halberd, ca. 1600   SOLD
Scarce Venetian Bat Wing Corseca, ca. 1530   SOLD
Decorated Venetian Partizan, ca. 1520   SOLD
Italian Partizan in 18th C Style
German Partizan, Spontoon, ca. 1700   SOLD
Rare North Italian Morningstar, Morgenstern, 16th/17th C   SOLD
Italian Halberd, ca. 1600   SOLD
Austrian Sergeantís Halberd, 2nd Half 17th C   SOLD
Austrian Halberd, Last Quarter 16th C   SOLD
Swiss Halberd, First Half 17th C   SOLD
English Bill, First Quarter 16th C   SOLD
Swiss Halberd, Bern, 17th C   SOLD
Swiss Morgenstern, Morning Star, Holy Water Sprinkle, 17th/18th C   SOLD
Swiss Sempach Halberd, Lamprecht Koller, 17th C   SOLD
Rare English Bill, 15th C   SOLD
Rare 15th C Swiss Solothurn Halberd   SOLD
Colonial American Halberd, 18th C   ON HOLD
Colonial American Halberd, Late 17th C   SOLD
North Italian Runka, Corseque, Spetum, 16th C   SOLD
Italian Halberd, Early 17th C   SALE PRICED   SOLD

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Superb engraved and Gilt  Italian Artillery Linstock, Late 16th C