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Pole Arms

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German Halberd, 2nd Quarter 16th C
Austrian Halberd, ca. 1580
Important Parade Halberd, Italian and French, ca. 1600   ON HOLD
South German or Austrian Halberd, 3rd Quarter 16th C
Unusual North Italian Halberd, ca. 1600   SOLD
North Italian Parade Halberd, ca. 1580
Rare Italian Artillery Linstock, Florence, Late 16th C
Engraved Imperial Russian Spontoon, ca. 1800   SOLD
Scarce Bavarian Sabre Halberd, Early 17th C
German Kriegsichel, Probably 16th C
Italian Partizan in 18th C Style
German Halberd, Late 16th C   SOLD
Etched Austrian Halberd, ca. 1600   SOLD
German Halberd, Last Quarter 16th C   SOLD
European Partizan, Spontoon, Early 18th C   SOLD
Infantry Flail, Swiss or German, 17th C   SOLD
Gothic Lugged Spear, Probably German, ca. 1500   SOLD
Naval Boarding Pike, English or American, 19th C   SOLD
European Spontoon, ca. 1700, Probably German   SOLD
German Halberd, ca. 1600   SOLD
Scarce Venetian Bat Wing Corseca, ca. 1530   SOLD
Decorated Venetian Partizan, ca. 1520   SOLD
Rare North Italian Morningstar, Morgenstern, 16th/17th C   SOLD
Italian Halberd, ca. 1600   SOLD
Austrian Sergeantís Halberd, 2nd Half 17th C   SOLD
Austrian Halberd, Last Quarter 16th C   SOLD
Swiss Halberd, First Half 17th C   SOLD
English Bill, First Quarter 16th C   SOLD
Swiss Halberd, Bern, 17th C   SOLD
Swiss Morgenstern, Morning Star, Holy Water Sprinkle, 17th/18th C   SOLD
Swiss Sempach Halberd, Lamprecht Koller, 17th C   SOLD
Rare English Bill, 15th C   SOLD
Rare 15th C Swiss Solothurn Halberd   SOLD
Colonial American Halberd, 18th C   SOLD
Colonial American Halberd, Late 17th C   SOLD
North Italian Runka, Corseque, Spetum, 16th C   SOLD
Italian Halberd, Early 17th C   SALE PRICED   SOLD