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Pair of North European Elbow Gauntlets, Early 17th C


This style of gauntlet was worn by horsemen as armor was becoming obsolete. Rather than wear full armors which covered the entire arm, it was determined that protection for the hand and forearm was adequate and provided greater flexibility. These were commonly worn by cavalry during the Thirty Years War and the English Civil War; with heavy leather buff coat, gloves, thigh-length boots, breast and back plate, and helmet completing the ensemble. This pair features a long cuff made in two pieces with roping at the edges, medial ridge at the top, and 7 articulated lames. Heavy roping on the lower knuckle lame and smaller roped edge on the large finger plate at the end, matching that on the cuff. Pitted overall, with several rust-throughs and later riveted repairs. While clearly made as a pair, the left gauntlet is a little longer than the right. Their great age and authenticity is immediately obvious.

A1118 $1795

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