Pole Arms 2

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German Partizan, Spontoon, ca. 1700   SOLD
Etched Parade Halberd, German or Italian, 17th C   SOLD
Italian Halberd, Late 16th C   SOLD
Italian Roncone, Bill, ca. 1520   SOLD
Spanish Colonial Artillery Halberd, 18th/19th C   SOLD
Engraved Halberd of the Guard of Saxon Elector Johann Georg II, ca. 1656   SOLD
English Sergeantís Halberd, 18th C   SOLD
English(?) Halberd, 18th C   SOLD
German Officerís Partizan, Late 17th C   SOLD
Swiss Luzern Pikes, 15th/16th Century   SOLD
Silver Inlaid British Officerís Spontoon, Late 18th C   SOLD
Austrian Halberd (Probably Graz),  ca. 1580   SOLD
German Boar Spear, 17th C   SOLD
Italian Partizan, Late 17th C   SOLD
Engraved European Sergeantís Halberd, Late 17th C   SOLD
Spanish Cavalry Lance, ca. 1870   SOLD