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Polish Hussar Sabre with Scabbard, 2nd Half 17th C

Steel stirrup guard with long straight quillons, hollowed out on the underside to form a watertight seal over the scabbard. Long double langets; riveted wood grip with original leather wrap; forward-angled capstan pommel with long ear over the back of the grip. Metal of the hilt shows impurities and corrosion. Curved 34" single-edged blade, broadening toward the point; the last 10 ½" double-edged. Blade shows a Damascus pattern and is stamped with a profile head mark on each side at the forte. Possibly the mark of Johannes Beugel (active in Solingen 1648-1688). Original wood scabbard with leather cover (minor losses to leather) and brass mounts; twin steel carrying rings. Running the full length of the scabbard is a winding steel snake passing beneath the brass straps and drag, its head near the throat. Blade lightly pitted; scabbard mounts with mixed golden brown and green patina. Almost certainly a veteran of the Ottoman-Hapsburg Wars and the Siege of Vienna in 1683, scene of history’s largest cavalry charge. Overall length 39".