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Polish or Hungarian Sabre, 17th C

Hilt of typical form with tapering hexagonal quillons and long double langets; riveted deeply grooved leather-wrapped grip; later brass chain guard attached to the forward quillon and forward-leaning capstan pommel. Deeply curved 33 " single-edged blade with incised geometric design along 3/4 of its length and a cross inside a sunburst on the ricasso on both sides. Similar swords are preserved in the Landeszeughaus Graz, Austria. This type sabre was a favorite of the Polish Winged Hussars and used extensively at the Siege of Vienna in 1683, where there was purportedly the largest cavalry charge in history. This battle was a huge victory for the Holy Roman Empire and marked the turning point in the Ottoman-Hapsburg Wars. During the ensuing years the Hapsburg forces were able to regain control of most of Hungary and Transylvania. Blade with areas of light to moderate pitting from storage in a leather scabbard. Overall length 38".