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Rare 15th C Swiss Solothurn Halberd

This type is discussed and illustrated by John Waldman in his recent book "Hafted Weapons in Medieval and Renaissance Europe" on pages 60 & 61. It is believed that these are a very early type from the Solothurn region, which were later copied by Lamprecht Koller in the 17th C. A nearly identical example is listed on p. 241 in Southwick's "Price Guide to Antique Edged Weapons", where it is listed as ca. 1450-1500 from Solothurn. Forged in two pieces around a mandrel, this example features a shallow 7 1/4" convex axe blade with rear shoulder and thickened beak; broad tapering 7 " spike of lens-section with thickened armor-piercing point; long side straps forged with the conical ferrule. This example has the pointed side lugs which are lacking on the later Koller examples. It is mounted on an early partially wormed ash shaft from its working life, possibly the original. Moderately pitted overall, but sound and complete. Overall length 82 1/2", metal 35".

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