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Rare German Siege Armour, 17th C
Dating to the Thirty Years War, this scarce siege armour was worn by sappers (siege engineers) who worked directly under the walls of fortifications and came under intense enemy fire. It is very heavy construction, consisting of a pot helmet with front and rear visors and ear flaps, and a breastplate with shoulder straps. This is the complete armour and it was never intended to have a back plate or other elements. What makes this armour especially desirable is the fact that both the helmet and breastplate have their original black paint and original padded linen lining. The breastplate is painted with a large white cross and also features a shallow bullet test proof. The fact that the bullet did not deeply dent the armour is proof of its being extremely heavy and thick. Both pieces are in great condition for their age, the breastplate having some paint faded and flaking. The original padded leather shoulder straps are worn, with some pieces broken off (still present). One strap separated from the metal, but both sets of reinforcing chains are still present and attached. Both have some wear to lining, but the helmet is probably the best one on the market (Iíve never seen a better one). A very affordable complete and rare 17th C armour.