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Rare Torture Collar/Restraint, 17th C

Hand forged laminated iron collar approx. 11" in diameter and 1 1/4" wide, hinged on one side and fitted for a padlock on the opposite; studded with twelve 2 1/2" long square-section spikes peened through the collar. Fitted with a conical ferrule and mounted on a later 70 3/4" round-section hardwood shaft with partial leather wrap and iron studs. Locks with the included old cylinder padlock with screw key (still functions). Length of metal 18 1/4"; overall 89". Metal shows lamination and somewhat crude forging, with a very dark age patina. Such devices were used to handle and transport extremely dangerous criminals. When locked around the miscreant’s neck, it was nearly impossible to escape and any attempt would result in serious injury as the spikes dug into the neck. Extremely rare.