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Rare and Exceptional 15th C Battle Sword, English or French

Of Oakeshott Type XV form with 36" blade of slightly hollow ground diamond section tapering from 2 " at the hilt to a long slender point; the upper 12" featuring a unique broad triple fuller. One side incised with a circle surrounding an "S" inlaid with copper. Slightly curved hexagonal-section cross guard with sharply down-turned finials. Large disk pommel with rebated border and center of concentric circles surrounded by incised scrolls; small tapered square copper button on top. Tapering 8" two-stage grip with ancient leather wrap, possibly the original and certainly from its period of use. Guard is loose due to grip shrinkage and the absence of the ferrule. Ferrous metal parts show moderate to heavy pitting, but the sword is not excavated, which is very rare for such an early sword. This well made and balanced sword would have been the main battle weapon of a knight of the period of the Hundred Years War and War of the Roses. An extremely rare and exceptional sword that one becomes more attached to the more they handle it.

SB1199 $11,995

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