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SWD M11 A1 .380 Transferrable Machinegun w/Suppressor, SMG MAC-10

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This is a modern firearm subject to ATF Regulations under the National Firearms Act for Class III weapons.  It is legal to own in certain states and municipalities within the USA only and is subject to the $200 tax imposed by the ATF on both the gun and suppressor ($400 total).  If you are not familiar with the transfer procedures, please inquire.

Cobray M11 select fire sub-machine gun by SWD, Inc., Atlanta, GA and so marked on the right side of receiver. Threaded barrel to mount the included factory original suppressor by SWD. Three (3) Cobray 32-round Zytel mags and steel speed loader. Original finish showing typical scuffs and handling marks from usage. Includes original operating manual.  Currently on a Form 4 and can be transferred directly to a North Carolina resident, or to other state FFL’s with Class III SOT. The double NFA tax usually associated with out-of-state transfers on Form 4's is NOT applicable because I originally bought the gun as an un-licensed individual, but now have a Class III SOT in the same name.

FM0001 $7499  Inquire to purchase: 828-507-7160