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Scarce Engraved Florentine Burgonet, Third Quarter 16th C

One-piece construction with skull of cabasset form rising to a peak with stalk. Peaked visor with roped edge; integral roped neck guard extending to a point. Hinged cheek pieces with roped edge at front and bottom. Each side of the skull is engraved with a Florentine fleur de lis, with simplified fleur de lis at peak and base of visor, connected by a pair of engraved lines running along the ridge. Plume holder on the rear of the skull (slight damage). Brass rivets; the lining absent. Dark brown patina overall with small crack at the hinge on the right side. Burgonets with the cabasset-form skull are quite scarce. Probably made for the Florentine Town Guard.

A1241c $7995

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