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Scarce Halberd Tomahawk Head, Mid-18th C

Made in Colonial America in the style of English halberds of the 17th and 18th Centuries, but smaller in dimensions, this excavated example was made in two pieces and is 7 ½" wide by 11 ½" long. These were usually carried on a short shaft by high ranking chiefs. King Hendrick, the famous Mohawk leader, is seen in an early mezzotint holding a halberd tomahawk prior to his death at the Battle of Lake George in 1755. This example was found in New England and comes from the Robert Kuck Collection. It is pictured on the cover and cover page of "Rare and Unusual Indian Artifacts" by Lar Hothem. It is also pictured in "Who’s Who in Indian Relics", Vol. 10, page 291. Tom Richards Collection.