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Scarce Nathan Starr 1798 Contract Cavalry Saber

The Starr cavalry saber of 1798 was the first sword made under US contract following the Revolution, making it the first official US sword. The contract was for only 2000 swords, so this is the rarest of the rare for American military swords. Hilt is iron with stirrup guard and integral backstrap, as typical of European cavalry swords of the period. The two-piece wood grip (loose and lacking leather wrap) is smooth, as opposed to the more commonly found grooved wood grip. However, the sword does not appear to ever have been apart, so it is possible this was an early production variant. Broad 33" single-edged curved blade with a single deep fuller at the back edge running from near the hilt to within about 6" of the point. Clearly stamped "N Starr & Co" on one side and "US/1799" other side, near the hilt. Numerous shallow edge nicks along the last foot of the blade. Metal parts dark brown with age and rust encrustation, except where it has been cleaned around the markings. The sword would likely clean up and restore very nicely, but it has been left untouched since most collectors prefer these as-is. No scabbard, as the original leather scabbards almost never survived. A very scarce early American sword which rarely comes on the market.

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