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Scottish Basket Hilted Broadsword, First Quarter 18th C


Full basket hilt formed of rectangular bars and panels pierced with round holes and hearts. A diagonal "S" bar and truncated fleur de lis forged into each side. Bun-shaped pommel with small button and four sets of triple incised lines dividing it into quarters. Leather bound grip wrap with twisted brass wire; probably a period replacement. Thick leather liner, contemporary with the grip. Broad 32 " blade of lens section with twin shallow fullers and rectangular ricasso, engraved with floral decoration on the upper fifth. Blade shows light pitting, with some moderate pitting near its rounded point; numerous nicks, some rather deep and apparently from blade strikes. Hilt with dark patina and light pitting and forging flaws. This example of the age where it could have participated in both the uprising of 1715 and 1745. With evidence of hard fighting, it no doubt would have quite a tale to tell if it could talk. The "S" design in the hilt was thought to signify the Stuart name, though we are aware of no period evidence to support this theory. Overall length 38 ".

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