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Scottish Basket-hilted Backsword, Mid-18th C

Forged iron hilt of typical form composed of flat bars and plates pierced with circles and hearts, with fleur de lis at the base of the guard. Bun-shaped pommel with integral cylindrical button. The reverse of the guard period modified by removing several bars to make it into a 3/4 basket guard. This was often done to increase the mobility of the wrist, with little loss to the protective qualities of the basket guard. Cylindrical wood grip covered with an iron sleeve; likely not the original, but definitely from its period of use. Small piece of leather basket lining remains at the base of the grip. Straight single-edged 36" blade with double fullers over most of its length and the remains of an engraved design at the forte. Tip is rounded and the blade shows pitting, wear, and signs of repeated sharpening. Fresh from Edinburgh, this sword has obviously seen a lot of action. Overall length 42 1/4".

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