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Scottish Basket-hilted Broadsword by John Allan, Ca. 1715

Steel hilt of forged round bars and flat panels, the panels with engraved line borders and pierced with hearts and circles, with scalloped edges. Underside of hilt stamped "I A" over "S" in the exact manner as known hilts signed by John Allan of Sterling. Bottom of center panel stamped with another indecipherable mark. Flattened bun-shaped pommel with incised lines and integral button. Scroll from the rear quillon intentionally removed, or made without it, as often done since it tended to dig into the side of the wearer and offered only minimal protection. This probably indicates a sword which was regularly carried. Grip covered in fish skin and twisted silver and brass wire, with turks heads top and bottom. Earlier double-edged 33 3/4" German blade of lens section with large ricasso and short shallow fuller, stamped on each side "I + O + H + A + N + S". John Allan is one of the few known makers of Scottish basket hilts and considered to be one of the finest. Very good condition with only light salt and pepper pitting. Overall length 39 1/2". This Highland broadsword could very likely have been carried at Culloden.


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