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Scottish Basket-hilted Broadsword in the Style of John Simpson, Early 18th C

Broad (1 3/4" at ricasso) double-edged 35 " blade of lens-section with 14 " central double fullers, stamped "*ANDRIA*/*FARARA*" in the fullers on each side; showing lamination, light pitting and several shallow edge nicks. The iron hilt comprised of flat bars and plates with castellated edges, pierced with circles and keyhole-shaped hearts in the Glasgow style. The reverse quillon absent, as often found since it tended to dig into the side of the wearer when carried. Domed pommel segmented in quarters by four sets of 3 incised lines with central punched dots; no button, and later leather-wrapped grip with heavy twisted iron wire. Original thick leather hilt liner. Though unsigned, the style closely resembles the work of John Simpson I (1683-1718) of Glasgow (see "British Basket-hilted Swords", by Cyril Mazansky, Chapter 9 for similar examples). Shows great age with wear and pitting. Overall length 41 1/4". This fine sword is of the age to have seen service in both the 1715 and 1745 Jacobite rebellions.

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