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Shamshir Sabre, Ottoman Empire, ca. 1800

Deeply curved single-edged blade with reinforced back ridge, damascened with gold Islamic inscriptions and gold decoration along the entire length of the blade ridge. Straight steel guard with faceted ovoid quillons and integral double langets, damascened with gold decoration (worn with about 1/4" clipped from obverse forward langet). Two-piece horn grips with integral deeply curved pommel of typical form. Period leather-over-wood scabbard with decorative embossed brass throat shaped to accept the langets and double hanging mounts decorated with embossed flowers and brass rings (leather worn with some loss to front and back edges). Associated steel drag with remains of silver damascened decoration. Scabbard is not an exact fit and sword is about 1" short of seating completely, indicating it is not the original for this sword, though it is of the same period and similar quality. Overall length, not including scabbard, 35 ".

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