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Signed Japanese WWII Gendaito Katana


The blade hand made in the traditional fashion, signed "Oke,ko yo Yanagawa Naotsugu" one side and "Bei Ei Ma Metsu Aki". Translated this means "Made in the Highest Grade (by) Yanagawa (place) Naotsugu (maker)". The opposite is an unusual inscription meaning "Crush the American and British enemy". Blade measuring 25 5/8" from the tip to the blade notch (munemachi), the blade features a midare hamon (irregular temper line) and masame hada (straight grain). There are several very tiny nicks in the edge and a slight bend toward the tip, but generally the blade is in very good condition and no doubt saw use during the war. It retains the original brown painted scabbard with brass mounts. Sword mounts include the original brass tsuba (guard), menuki (handle decorations), kashira (pommel), same (rayskin) and ito (silk braid). There is also a gold sword knot, probably later. From the unusual inscription on the blade it can be definitively dated between December 1941 and August 1945. A nice sword featuring the quality of a traditional blade and the historical significance of a field-carried WWII war relic.

ES1233 $1600   SOLD

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