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South German Burgonet, ca. 1600

Heavy rounded two-piece skull joined along the crest of a high medial comb. Fitted internally with a quilted canvas lining sewn to a leather lining band. Fixed visor truncated at its point; flanged rear edge with a rounded neck guard. Each side with a hinged cheek piece flanged outwards at its lower edge to serve as a continuation of the neck guard; each pierced at its center with five small auditory holes in dice formation; the right one struck at its front edge with the arsenal or serial number "76". Each piece struck internally with three triangular construction marks. The main edges of the helmet are formed with plain inward turns. Metal surfaces retain a black-from-the-hammer finish overall. A standard munitions-grade helmet in original untouched condition retaining its rarely found original quilted lining.

A1281 $3495

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