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Spanish Bullfighting Sword, Probably Early 20th C

Bullfighting in Spain originated in the 8th Century and is still popular in Spain and Mexico. The distinctive style of the sword goes back to Medieval times and has remained unchanged for centuries. This example smaller than usual and likely made as a childís sword. Children as young as five train to become matadors, beginning with training against calves. This sword is an actual antique matadorís sword, not one of the many copies currently on the market. It features a solid steel hilt of cruciform shape with turned quillons, integral knuckle bow, and two-piece steel grip. Hilt and grip are wrapped with traditional bright red ribbon and show considerable wear from actual use. Straight unmarked 23 Ĺ" blade with strong central ridge and ground with a full-length fuller on the reverse. Metal parts with dark brown rust patina. Overall length 26 1/4".

SM1468 $99.95

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