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Swiss Morgenstern, Morning Star, Holy Water Sprinkle, 17th/18th C

The morgenstern, "morning star" in English, is a simple but effective weapon used primarily by peasants throughout the Middle Ages well into the 19th C. Crudely fashioned from a single piece of wood with the head larger than the shaft, it bears 4 rows of 4 square-section spikes approx. 1 3/4"-2" long staggered around its circumference. At the end is an 81/2" thrusting spike and an iron ferrule to help prevent the shaft from splitting. This arrangement of spikes allows the weapon to be used as both a club and a spear. Retains much of its original black paint. Scattered worming, but structurally sound. Overall length 77 3/4". The morgenstern was used primarily in the German-speaking countries and remained relatively unchanged during its centuries of use. Their simple design allowed them to be made quickly in large quantities to equip the untrained peasant soldiers who could be quickly called up for military service at a time when there were no standing armies.

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