The Tom Richards Collection of American Indian Artifacts

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Tom Richards of Florida has been collecting Native American weapons and artifacts for over 40 years and has amassed one of the largest collections in the United States. Much of his collection has been published in major books and periodicals on American Indian items. He has begun liquidating part of the collection and is doing so on consignment through Antique Weapon Store. Please check back frequently as we will be listing items as they become available.

Revolutionary War Era Iroquois Spiked Tomahawk   SALE PRICED!

Plains Indian Buffalo Lance Head

Rare Chief’s Grade Presentation Fowler Attributed to Sauk Chief Blackhawk

Onondaga Indian Scalping Knife     

Classic 1700's Iroquois French and Indian War Spiked Tomahawk   SOLD

Flintlock Indian Trade Pistol by A. W. Spies   SOLD

Extremely rare Missouri War Axe or Mandan Axe   SOLD

Plains Indian Gun Stock War Club

Beaded Cheyenne Scalping Knife, 2nd Half 19th C   SOLD

Spike Tomahawk from the Schenectady Massacre of 1690  

Mohawk Spike Tomahawk, 18th C   SOLD

Iroquois Spike Tomahawk, Mid-18th C

English Flintlock Trade Pistol by Sharpe, First Quarter 19th C

Beaded Mohawk Maccasins, ca. 1870

Sac-Fox Indian Ball-headed War Club, Late 19th C   SOLD

Beaded Chippewa Leather Gauntlets, ca. 1880

Sioux Indian War Club, ca. 1870-90   SOLD

Sioux Ceremonial Moccasin, ca. 1870-1890

Rare Chief’s Grade Medallion Pistol by Ketland, Early 19th C   SOLD

British Officer’s Flintlock Fusil by Jover, Black Watch, Third Quarter 18th C   SOLD

Rare English Pipe Tomahawk with Exceptional Provenance, Early 19th C   SOLD

Iroquois Spike Axe Tomahawk, Mid-18th C   SALE PRICED

Scarce Halberd Tomahawk Head, Mid-18th C   SOLD

More Coming Soon!