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Antique Torture and Criminal History Items for Sale

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(If photos appear distorted, please email for high-resolution pics.  Apparently certain devices like iPads are not able to display some photos properly.  We are aware of the problem and working on a solution)
Rare 16th Century German Torture Pliers
German/Austrian Torture Boot, 16th C 
Rare German Man Catcher, 15th/16th C
English Executioner’s Axe, 16th/17th C   SOLD
Exceptional German Executioner Sword with Scabbard, First Half 17th C   SOLD

Named German Executioner Sword, Dated 1756

German Executioner Sword with Exceptional Provenance, Probably 17th C   SOLD
Iron Torture Brand, Probably 17th C   SOLD
French Executioner Axe with Exceptional Provenance, 17th C   SOLD
Executioner Axe Head with Exceptional Provenance   SOLD
German Executioner’s Sword, ca. 1650   SOLD
17th C Torture/Punishment Brand   SOLD
German Executioner’s Sword, Late 17th C   SOLD
German Executioner’s Sword, Dated 1651   SOLD
Caged Skull of an Executed Heretic, 16th/17th C   SOLD
German Scold’s Mask, with Provenance, 17th C   SOLD
Ultra Rare German or Austrian Breaking, Execution Wheel, 18th C   SOLD
Executioner’s Mask, Probably German 17th C   SOLD
European Heretic’s Fork, 17th C   SOLD
German Executioner’s Sword, 2nd Half 17th C   SOLD
Rare Torture Collar/Restraint, 17th C   SOLD
English Naval Petty Officer’s Cosh, Late 18th/Early 19th C   SOLD
Heavy German Leg Shackles, 16th C    SOLD
French Thumbscrew, 18th/19th C   SOLD
Breast Rippers Torture Device, 16th/17th C   SOLD
German Executioner’s Sword, ca. 1650   SOLD
Ultra Rare English Punishment Axe, ca. 1548   SOLD
German Scold’s Mask, Schandmaske, 17th C   SOLD
Important German Executioner’s Sword, ca. 1603   SOLD
Rare Torture Flail, 16th/17th C   SOLD
German Executioner’s Sword, Dated 1709   SOLD
German Handcuffs, 16th C   SOLD
Early German Executioner’s sword, ca. 1520   SOLD
German Torture Pliers, 17th C    SOLD
German Executioner’s (?) Axe, 17th C   SOLD

Rare 16/17th C Bohemian Judge’s Staff “Richterstab”   SOLD

17/18th C German Leg Irons   SOLD