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US M1833 Dragoon Saber



The M1833 Dragoon Saber was patterned after the British P1821 saber and was developed for the dragoon regiments authorized in 1833. N. P. Ames won a contract for 1,000 of these sabers in 1833 and several subsequent contracts brought the total number made between 1834 and 1839 to 6,100. Swords were supplied to both regular and militia units and some bear state markings on blade or quillon. This example features a standard 34" slightly curved quill-back blade; apparently arsenal refurbished, as some were known to be, as it bears no markings at all (likely they were ground off during refurbishing). Leather blade washer. Brass 3-branch guard with stepped pommel and backstrap, small bars on reverse (dented), and single scroll quillon stamped "JM". Leather wrapped wood grip with twisted brass wire and brass ferrule at the base (leather replaced). No scabbard. Overall length 39 ". These originally saw service in the Southern Indian Wars and later in the Mexican War and Civil War, many being used by Confederate cavalry.

SS1056 $395

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