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US M1860 Cavalry Sabre by Ames

Classic Civil War cavalry sabre by the well-known and desirable maker N. P. Ames of Chicopee, Mass., this sword is in basically "as-found" condition. Two-branch brass guard (slightly bent) with Phrygian helmet pommel; original leather grip wrap (minor losses) and twisted brass wire wrap. Guard with dark red-brown patina, with part of the pommel showing a recent attempt at cleaning. Curved 34 " blade with double fullers, stamped "Made by/AMES MFG CO/CHICOPEE/MASS" on one side and "US/G.K.C./1865" other side; original leather blade washer. Blade is dark with age and light encrustation, partially obscuring the markings. Could be greatly improved by a professional cleaning and easily straightening the guard, but likely the least expensive Ames M1860 to be found anywhere. Just out of an estate where it has been passed down through generations.

SS1296 $295

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